Why Is Fast Food Bad For You

why is fast food bad for you Although most people say that they would love to eat fresh healthy balanced home cooked meals all the time, this does not seem like a plausible option for them. The route of fast food meals seems more appealing and have become the norm.

So why say no to fast food? Why is fast food bad for you when it seems like a convenient and time saving option? I mean who have the time these days. We have to balance work, the children, spouse, family, friends, and the never ending activities.

The schedule is always full. After a long day, preparing a meal does not seem like an appetizing option, especially when you can get a meal quickly, and get it at a decent price.

To a busy family who’s just trying to save money, fast food may seem like a good friend.

However, don’t be fool! It’s not really as friendly as you may think. The consequences of regularly eating fast food significantly outweighs the benefits to your lifestyle.

Below are reasons why fast food is bad for your health and the problems encountered with consuming them:

An average fast food dinner can have all the calories you need for a whole day. That is you get an entire day’s calories in just one meal.

  • The meals from a fast restaurant tend to have high levels of saturated fat – these are the fat that triggers heart disease.
  • There tend to be high amounts of chemical preservatives in the food from fast food restaurants.
  • Many fast food restaurants use a filler known as “pink slime” to put in the meats they served you. This filler is treated with harsh chemical substances.
  • Although many restaurants are now offering healthier options, those options are usually more costly and not often chosen.
  • The meals at fast food places do not have the necessary minerals and vitamins to support good health.
  • Fast foods do not have enough fiber which helps to lower cholesterol and keep the digestion regular.
  • The medical costs of dealing with illnesses as a result of poor dieting are much more than any money you can save on any value menus.
  • Now for the very first time in history, children are experiencing obesity problems such as high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes that used to only plague adults.

Although it may seem easy, affordable, and convenient, the real price of fast food dieting could be devastating to your valuable health. You have to find a way to consume healthier meals that will fit into your way of life.