Exercise Benefits For Skin & Beauty

exercise benefits for skinThis world seems so obsessed by beauty. It is no wonder we’ve spent vast amounts of money well into billions of dollars per year on products to improve our skin, nails and hair. Nevertheless, what we don’t understand whenever we buy and make use of these cosmetics is that we now have easier and much more natural methods to enhance ones attractiveness. By consuming healthy foods, living a wholesome lifestyle, and exercising, it is possible to preserve your cherished beauty from the inside out.

Let’s take a look at exercise benefits for skin and overall beauty.

When it comes to exercising most people generally do not think the reason to do so include healthy hair, less wrinkles, and blemish free skin. Nevertheless that’s exactly what a good workout routine can do for your beauty. Healthy skin and hair are the beauty benefits of exercising.

Exercise decreases wrinkles, reduces acne, restores glow and color to dull bland skin, and revives brittle and weak hair. So next time a motivation is needed by you to exercise consider your beauty. You can enhance your beauty by working up a little sweat around the house, doing yoga, or simply taking a walk.

Dull Skin

Dull, sallow or pale skin is a direct reflection of a person’s health. Being in poor health will lessen the blood vessels in the skin. Therefore this will reduce the rosy color in the skin. The skin needs nutrients and oxygen to maintain a color that is vibrant. The simplest way to revive your skin’s color is by raising the blood’s circulation to the epidermis. Exercises such as aerobic increases the heart-rate, which in turn raises blood circulation. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen through the entire body and right to the skin. Blood circulation also gives the skin its glowing and radiant color.

Also doing aerobic exercise makes you sweat. And sweating flushes away the pores. Pores that are backed up and clogged can reduce blood circulation to the skin. This leaves you with acne and dull skin color. When you sweat, it clears out the skin making cell turnover easier. When the older dead skin cells sloughs off you’re left with fresh new, vibrant, and supple skin. Exercise is also a good reliever of stress. Stress can have a significant impact on the physical body as well as the skin. Stressing reduces the amount of available nutrients in the body. This leaves your skin starving for essential nutrients. So you also you increase the circulation of nutrients in the skin by doing exercises.


Acne is usually caused by over producing of sebum that clogs up the pores. Sebum is regularly released into the pores. However certain hormones such as the stress hormone cortisol and testosterone causes an over production of sebum. Any type of increase in these hormones leads to an increase of acne on skin. Simply just by exercising, you can correct the hormonal imbalance that causes acne. Exercising lowers cortisol levels that’s in the blood and relieves stress. Therefore removing the excess production of sebum that can cause pores becoming blocked.

Furthermore, exercising makes you sweat. Although the majority of people think that sweating is responsible for acne breakouts, it’s quite the opposite. Sweating cleans out the pores and get rid of chemicals, oils, and the dead skin cells which accumulates with time. By eliminating these toxic substances from your body, you are also removing existing acne present in your skin but you are also inhibiting any further inflammation response which the body needs to eliminate foreign particles on your skin. Exercising also nourishes your skin by increasing circulation of nutrient rich and oxygenated blood. If the skin is healthy there is certainly less window of opportunity for the occurrence of acne.


The collagen that holds our skin in place begins to breakdown as we age, causing the skin to sag, wrinkles, and fine lines. Still, aging is not the sole cause of the collagen breaking down. Environmental pollutants, poor health, stress, and illness, also can cause premature aging. Exercising is such a superb deterrent of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin. Exercising supports collagen production. Collagen is a protein which supports the structure of the skin. By exercising we tone and strengthen the muscles underneath the skin. This gives the skin a healthier look. The stronger the muscles, the more support the skin will have, causing the skin to be firmer and have much more elasticity. Skin that is firm keeps the wrinkles away.

Exercising increases both nutrients and the circulation of oxygen to the skin. It encourages cell renewal and also boosts detoxification. Our bodies release stress hormones like cortisol whenever we are stressed. Sagging skin and increased wrinkles can be the result of high levels of cortisol causing the breakdown of collagen in the body. So not only does exercising relieve stress and lessens the cortisol levels, it tightens up and firms the skin. This action reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Exercises that reduces stress such as tai chi and yoga are certainly a great way to diminish fine lines and have a fresher healthier complexion.