Choosing the Best Contraception

best contraceptionToday there are more contraceptives available on the market than in the past. So how do you choose the best contraception? You have to choose what is more convenient for you as well as what works best for your body. Among the most popular kinds of contraception method is the birth control pill which you take every day.

Two pros of taking the pill is that it is an easy form to take and it is affordable. One of the primary disadvantages for utilizing the pill is that you can still get an STD while utilizing it, if that’s all the protection you provide.

Some women prefer using the patch instead of taking the tablet. The patch is also cheap and it’s simple to get a prescription from a doctor. The patch functions similar to the way the pill does to prevent pregnancy.

You have to use the patch for 21 days. Then after that you take a 7 days break from it. Similar to the pill, it will not protect you from catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Another effective method for preventing pregnancy is getting progestin shots. This is a very convenient method that some women prefer. All that is needed is only 4 shots a year. Again just like the patch and pills, this form will not protect you against STDs.

When combined with a spermicide, a diaphragm can prevent pregnancy from occurring. The advantages of this approach is that it’s long-lasting and without negative effects. The disadvantage is that it must be fitted accurately. Like the previous methods it won’t prevent you from catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Because they’re easy to get, female condoms are increasing in popularity. You don’t have to visit the doctor to buy them. Another reason the female condoms is popular is because it is effective against STDs.

There are some other kinds of contraceptive methods that are practiced. However, they have a higher failure rate against unplanned pregnancies. These methods are the counting days technique and the use of only the sponge and spermicide.

Male condoms are the next most popular way of preventing pregnancy, besides the pills. They’re easy to use and they’re inexpensive to get. They do protect both partners from getting an STD.

Male birth control pills are a new and promising birth control option on the horizon for men. The way they work is by using hormones to stop the man from producing sperms. These pills will not interfere with a man’s sexual performance. There are many men who like the idea of being able to have sex without the worry and stress of impregnating his partner. The male birth control pills, like its female counterpart does not protect from STDs.

With all these options, you have to choose the contraceptive method that best works for you.